We finished our last tour. All the tours that you provided were excellent. I gave you a concept of what we were looking for and you exceeded our expectations. The equestrian tour was perfect too. Also I want to thank you for your assistance with my mother's illness. The medicine that you suggested worked perfectly. Mom was well enough to join us on the last tour. I have the highest recommendations for your tours and would be pleased to give you references. I must also add that Stephen is an excellent guide. Thank you for selecting him to be our guide. Finally I wish you the best with your company. I have a feeling that you will continue to be very successful.

Stephen Magee

Sehr geehrter Herr Molnar, ich darf mich ganz herzlich für die ausgezeichnete Abwicklung und die sehr guten Leistungen bedanken. Alles hat Prima geklappt. Preis und Leistung waren angemessen und ich empfehle sie herzlich gerne weiter.

Rainer Hoff

Hello Tamas, as the mayor of San Francisco and as a private citizen, I have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in the world and be directed by outstanding event and tour professionals. You and your colleagues are among the best I have worked with in my career. In the few days we were able to be in Budapest after my meeting with the American Ambassador, we were able to see and feel the city as though we were long time residents. That was due to your expert guidance and assistance with every phase of our visit there. Every day's well thought out events and activities felt as though they were specific to us and not just another tour package...especially your recommendations for unique restaurants and special places to see on both sides of the Danube. And the personnel you selected as guides and drivers were obviously well informed, articulate, and trustworthy. There is so much more to see in your beautiful city and country that we will back soon!

Art Agnos, Former Mayor (San Francisco, California)

Hello Tamas, before any more time passes I wanted to check in to let you know I really enjoyed my time in your beautiful city. The folklore evening of Hungarian food and music was enjoyable and very good quality. The guide Joseph was hyperactively fun. Same guide on Danube Bend tour which I really enjoyed. It was good to see the countryside in Slovakia & Hungary. Thanks also for your helpful suggestions of clubs and restaurants. I visited several and they were great. I hope this feedback is helpful. Best of luck to you as you grow your travel business and thanks again for your kind assistance.


I had a great time in Budapest. I am very glad that You made my short time in Budapest wonderful and showed us what a beautiful city it is - now I want to come back and see a lot more someday. It is so easy to understand why you love it. By the way, I shared the Bolyhos Palinka with some friends and we all agreed it was very delicious. Hard to find it again here! All the best to you and thank you once again for your gracious hosting!


Thank you for designing our wonderful visit to Budapest.Your planning made our visit truly fabulous. Our hotel accommodations were first rate as were the restaurants you suggested. Our knowledgeable and savvy guide/driver directed us away from other tourists so we could have our own personal experiences and get some really great photos. You made everything about the trip perfect. Thanks for a really fun adventure in Budapest.

Richard Eddleman (Phoenix, Arizona)