Esteemed colleagues!

Best of Hungary Tours is always looking for partner agencies offering both, outgoing and incoming services to its customers and partners.

We offer our incoming services for your leisure groups, business travellers, and FIT clients. Our years of professional experience have confirmed to us that collegial relationships are extraordinarily important in order to handle all the needs of our mutual clients in an optimum way. To know that the travel organization is provided by a professional local partner gives each one of us the feeling of security and safety. A satisfied and happy costumer guarantees the good reputation of our companies and contributes to our common success. Whatever service you require, we assure you that you get the very BEST - from transfer services to accommodation reservation and full program and event organisation: nothing is impossible to us! For every requirement, every budget there is the right solution and your goal is also our goal. We are there for you to give a helping hand and always ready to handle your request with the greatest attention.

Quality is always our focus!

Our outgoing department needs your professional support when organising travel and events for our incentive groups. Our motto is: a happy and satisfied customer is more than half of success!
Remember! We all need just a little more care. We have recognised how essential it is to always listen to each demand of every guest, not only to try but also to do everything finding solutions for all problems. If you do it right, your customer will insist working with you because you give something special, something more than others, and that something is the BEST you can give... That’s the difference between the usual and special travel and event organisation and that is why we want to be the BEST. Travel organisation is not only a job to us, but also fulfilment. Our message is: together we’ll make it!

Ask for our confidential travel agent prices! Let us be permanent partners!