„In the ancient times, leisure was seen as a symbol of wealth and social status. In Egypt, for example, leisure was restricted to the nobility, the military and religious leaders. Their leisure activities included wrestling, boxing, archery, art and music. Leisure gardens became ideal locations where the upper classes could relax and enjoy themselves.”

/Peter Hayward/

There are now more leisure activities available to the individual than ever before.

Whatever your taste in leisure, whether pampering your body in a spa’s curative water originating from ancient springs or stimulating your mind at impressive cultural & arts programs, we would like to assure you that we can find the right, personalised services and program facilities for you, which suit the tastes of all age groups and interests.

Think of an idea for an activity, send us your request and we prepare a tailor-made offer which meets all of your needs:


Choose from any of our historical, castle hotel offers, select from thematic sightseeing programs and read our description about Pécs 2010 European Capital Of Culture (ECoC) program.
Hungary is definitely worth a visit now, more than ever before!


To get to know more about our wellness/spa hotel offers, health and beauty services, 1-day clinic, dental treatment and plastic surgery offers, please visit our Wellness in Hungary point!


We gladly organize eco tourism programs to the peaceful, untouched areas of the country including special flora and fauna, water life, caves and national parks. See our thematic and adventure program offers, ask for our tailor-made itineraries!


Come and experience Hungary’s traditional side in an atmospheric restaurant in Budapest. Enjoy amazing folk dance performances and gipsy music while eating fine dishes. Alternatively choose among our numerous tours to the countryside, including the horse show at the Great Plain or visiting the friendly artists’ town Szentendre with its Open-air Museum and Wine Museum and many other options!


Surfing among our adventure offers under the programs menu, you will find our varied proposals for adventure parks, bob run, canoeing, helicopter tour, paragliding and tank driving. If you need anything else, we are waiting for your ideas and wishes to be fulfilled!


If you are interested in Hungary’s cultural and natural heritages, you can find more information within our organized UNESCO Tours point about our tours to the country’s special places. On request we set up the most interesting itinerary for you.


Budapest shopping offers plenty of options. The number of shops has increased rapidly in recent years. Major shopping malls, new fashion shops and luxury boutiques have appeared in our capital. In the Great Market Hall original Hungarian specialities and souvenirs can be bought. For more information read our thematic and special programs or contact us!


For the lovers of gastronomy, among our special programs we offer cooking tour. You can buy the special ingredients and explore the secrets of the delicious traditional foods. If you would like to taste the country’s fine dishes, visit our restaurants menu!


For sport teams we gladly organize sport games and any kind of sport events, gala dinners, and send you our best hotel offers for groups. For individual guests/families we offer golf and wellness hotels with numerous fitness services and sport facilities.

Whether you're visiting Hungary for a short weekend or staying longer, we hope you will find plenty of interesting options at Best of Hungary Tours to help you make the most of your stay.

FOR GROUPS we offer special discounts with great attention to the smallest details, guide service and 24-hour help line.

FOR INDIVIDUALS we offer flexibility and creativity in designing itineraries to your personal budget and liking, VIP handling, providing outstanding services and fulfilment of special requirements.