The many different languages make communication more difficult on our planet. The Hungarian language is held to be one of the most complicated by non-native speakers. It belongs to the Ugrian group of the Finno-Ugrian language family. Our grammar is completely different to that of most European languages. In order to have a conversation with our visitors, we generally have to learn their languages. During socialism, Russian was compulsory to students at school, later on German was the most popular foreign language. These days, many languages are taught in Hungarian schools, with English being the most popular. Due to this high level of training, Best of Hungary Tours offers professional guide, interpreter and hostess services in most languages, with special attention given to attendees of MICE groups.

Guide services:

  • meet and greet at arrivals
  • escorted transfers for groups and individuals (from/to airport/train station/dinners)
  • multilingual, licensed tour guides
  • driver guides for tours and transfers in Hungary and to the neighbouring countries (by car/mini van)
  • escort guides for business travellers/private people
  • special, experienced guides for MICE groups
  • private tour guide services

Interpreting services:

Our company works only with experienced, professional interpreters who are either university-trained, licensed interpreters or graduates of the interpreting courses offered in Strasbourg and by ELTE University and the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest with EMCI (European Master in Conference Interpreting) degrees. Our primary concern is customer satisfaction, which we aim to provide with the accuracy and professionalism of our staff. We want our clients to return to us when they require further interpreting services and for this reason, we are very careful when selecting our interpreters for a conference, seminar or lecture. The task of a good interpreter is to make the negotiating partners feel as though they are speaking the same language. In addition to interpreting skills and techniques, an interpreter must also have an excellent knowledge of the foreign language and an ability to express him/herself concisely and accurately in the native language. An understanding of what’s being said is, on its own, not enough, for the meaning also has to be accurately transmitted in order to ensure that the discussion runs smoothly. Ideally, the interpreter becomes invisible, so that your business partner will remember your words rather than the interpreter’s words.

  • Consecutive interpreting is perhaps the most commonly known form of interpreting. This is suitable for small meetings and discussions. Contributors stop after a few sentences and wait for the interpreter—who may have been taking notes—to interpret concisely but accurately what has been said.
  • Simultaneous interpreting is used at major conferences and events. Interpreters located in soundproof booths translate the speaker’s words while the speaker is speaking. Participants listen to what is said with the help of headphones. This type of interpreting requires considerable preparation, experience and stamina from the interpreters.

Hostess services:

  • meet and greet at arrivals of groups/individuals
  • escorting of groups for gala dinners and other events
  • information desk/registration services
  • supporting coordination at gala events and parties
  • for protocol events, exhibitions, conferences or partner meetings


To know all local suppliers is the great advantage of Best of Hungary Tours. We can offer for each request the BEST suitable transfer service. On request we provide meet and greet services with professional guide/hostess that does the welcome/registration of guests and takes care that everything goes well on arrival. We pick up guests with name board (company logo) and take them to the required destination. For dinner and site visit transfers of groups we always recommend to put local guides on the coach in order to give guests the feeling of overall comfort and also for any case of emergency besides providing explanations about the sights on the way.

Following transfers can be ordered for groups and individuals:

  • From/to airport/train station – hotel in Budapest/other destination in Hungary
  • Transfers from/to Vienna Airport or city
  • Transfers from/to Bratislava Airport or city
  • Dinner transfers
  • Site visit transfers
  • City transfers within Budapest

You can choose our taxi service or from the following transfer vehicles: