Tours to Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and more...

Religious convictions and an interest in the roots of one's faith are an important part of many people's trips to Europe. Even though travellers have been making spiritual journeys to religious sites for centuries, the popularity of faith-based vacations has exploded in recent years. Pilgrimage, worship, interest in history and culture, touring a region - these are all reasons why of all cultural sites, the religious ones are the most visited.

A religious tour is a unique look at ancient history and fills the mind and the imagination with images of the very beginning of civilization. Our aim is to help you to explore sites with an extraordinary architectural and artistic heritage and find places for retreats. On our escorted tours featuring historic religious landmarks in different regions of Europe, you can renew or deepen your faith with like-minded travellers.

We combine the religious aspects of each trip with the wonderful traditional sites and activities of each destination. We organize a customized tour for your group - a tour that is spiritually enriching, culturally intriguing and socially fun as well. The effects of a religious tour last a long time after you have arrived home. Whatever your destination may be, our mission is to deliver an enriching experience that creates a lifetime of memories. Contact us for our tailor-made free itinerary!

Our each customized tours depart from Hungary. This makes possible for us creating popular round trips at more favourable prices than our foreign competitors, as starting from Hungary means lower-priced transfer service and nearness to the main European destinations being in the heart of the continent. All these are combined with precise organization and good foreign partnerships by Best of Hungary Tours.

Roman Catholic Pilgrimage to Central Europe

We offer many exciting attractions, magnificent cathedrals, ancient temples and other historic religious sites in the heart of Europe, in Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. Visit the ecclesiastical heritages and the oldest and biggest monastery in Austria „Melk Monastery”, as well as medieval churches built in various architectural styles in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Roots of Reformation

We take you to the historic cities of Germany, the epicenter of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther lived here and spread his revolutionary messages to the people of Germany's cities and villages in the 16th century. You can also visit romantic, medieval places in Switzerland, homeland of Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the printing press, written a religious history with the first printed Bible, as well as religious places in Hungary, full of culture and beautiful architectural heritages.

Jewish Heritage Tour

During the tour through Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic, you can see the most important and the most beautiful Jewish Monuments. Explore the history and stories of Jewish Eastern Europe, from the depths of Jewish despair in the concentration camps and ghettoes to the hopes and prayers of the revived Jewish community.