Participants: min 15 – max 30
Length of stay: 8 days / 7 nights
Dates: from spring 2017
Starts and ends: in Budapest

The motto of our magical travel to the wonderful Danube Bend is “re-energizing and re-finding the inner balance” now. Beautiful scenery, heritages of ancient towns, rich culture, old legends, esoteric activities and undisturbed natural area provide you a perfect background to fill up.

We take you to symbolical places of the authentic Hungarian spiritual tradition, such as Esztergom, Dobogókő – where the heart of Earth beats - and Budapest in an esoteric viewpoint. The name Dobogókő contains and preserves archaic knowledge, it means beating, pulsating stone.

Join us to find out the surprises of esoteric thinking and learn more about the astrology, chakras, karma and self-knowledge.

We offer complete revitalization while you can refresh your body and mind. After your spiritual healing, take part on our yoga courses, pamper yourself in the 4-star wellness center, enjoy the fascinating view of the forest or the Danube-bend from your hotel room or taste the delicious Hungarian cuisine.

A wide range of unique program will make your esoteric travel unforgettable.


First Day /Tuesday/

- individual arrivals to Budapest, private transfer option to the hotel

- in the afternoon free time to enjoy the wellness facilities of the hotel

- get together in the evening, welcome dinner

Second Day /Wednesday/

Flower and Art Therapy

- yoga course and esoteric activity with professional coach in the morning

- after lunch sacred trip to the ancient Esztergom including religious sights of the largest Basilica of Hungary, fascinating panorama from the grandiose Cupola, mystery of the crypt, treasures of Christian Museum and the Cathedral

- in the evening free time, wellness opportunity and buffet dinner in hotel

Third Day /Thursday/

Karma and Freedom

- yoga course and esoteric activity with professional coach in the morning

- after lunch free time for wellness or hiking to the magical Visegrád Castle, optional individual consultations

- in the late afternoon the esoteric activity continues followed by a buffet dinner

Fourth Day /Friday/

Lifecycle Analysis

- yoga course and esoteric activity with professional coach in the morning

- after lunch hiking in Dobogókő at the heart chakra of Earth including meditation at the place of power in an undisturbed natural area, the sounds of mystery, stories about the secret of Dobogókő and energy lines

- in the evening free time, wellness opportunity and buffet dinner in hotel

Fifth Day /Saturday/

Structure and function of Chakras

- yoga course and esoteric activity with professional coach in the morning

- after lunch optional pampering wellness treatment or individual consultations

- in the late afternoon the esoteric activity continues followed by a buffet dinner

Sixth Day /Sunday/

Explore the secrets of the Hungarian capital

- after an energizing morning yoga course transfer to Budapest

- full-day spiritual trip to the hidden venues of Budapest including in-depth look at the old culture of Hungary, mythology, legends and religious heritage, lunch with the locals in the city center, 1-hour boat trip on the blue Danube and more…

- in the evening buffet dinner in hotel

Seventh Day /Monday/


- yoga course and esoteric activity with professional coach in the morning

- after lunch free time, wellness and optional individual consultations

- in the late afternoon the esoteric activity continues followed by a farewell dinner

Eighth Day /Tuesday/


- optional airport transfers, departure or extra night booking option

Services included:

- All transfer services for the excursions (excl. airport transfers)

- Welcome reception

- 7-night accommodation in 4* wellness hotel in Visegrád with full buffet breakfast

- Usage of the wellness & fitness facilities of the hotel

- Full board (7 dinners + 6 lunches (buffet or 3 course) without drinks)

- 6 x morning yoga session

- 8 spiritual and natural healing lectures according itinerary

- Opportunity of individual consultations every day

- 3 excursions (Budapest, Esztergom, Dobogókő) with professional guide

Recommended date of travel: every full week between March – November

Arrivals: every Tuesday
Departure: next Tuesdays


Starting at 1 036 € / person in double room for 7 nights
Starting at 279 € / SGL room supplement for 7 nights

Minimum number of participants needed: 15 pax.

Best of Hungary Tours reserves the right to change prices upon any amendment in the official tax.

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Hungary is located in central Europe, more in the Carpathian Basin and has a more than 1100 years history. The country offers vast riches, beautiful and varied landscape, from the gently rolling hills of West Hungary to the Great Hungarian Plain occupies the entire eastern part of the country. The Hungarian "puszta" is a favourite tourist destination where the characteristic animals and ethnographic traditions live. The Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake is the favourite get-away for families, fans of yachting and lovers of the beach. Citing the city’s unparalleled panorama, UNESCO declared Budapest Hungary’s capital the „Pearl of the Danube” a World Heritage site.

After Iceland, Hungary has the world’s largest reserve of surface thermal water: hundred of springs help thousands in recovering. Hungary’s springs have supported a bathing culture dating back to Roman times; whether you’re after relaxation, refreshment and rejuvenation.

In Hungary you can’t fail to meet your needs.


Come and experience one of Hungary’s most scenic and spiritual destinations, the Danube Bend. Situated just north of Budapest, the Danube Bend is the ideal location to escape the city and to immerse yourself in the most splendid natural, cultural and spiritual environment of Hungary.

Leaving Budapest towards the North, you reach the town of Szentendre only 20 Km from Budapest centre away, at the gate to the area that is called the Danube Bend. The small town of 20 thousand inhabitants, named after its medieval patron Saint Andrew, is known for its numerous artists, museums and art galleries. Populated by Serbian, Dalmatian, Croatian and Greek settlers in the mid 18th Century, the Mediterranean-like town is filled with charisma and charm. Its cobbled streets slope down to the river’s edge closed by a promenade with plenty of cafés, restaurants and the pedestrian streets packed with shops. This fairytale town’s major attractions are the Greek-Orthodox Blagovestenska church, the baroque main square and many streets with colourful houses of those tradesmen families that lived here once.

Driving another half an hour along the Danube further to the North, travelling across rolling hills and picturesque towns you find our destination and nest of rejuvenation, Visegrád, a historical place right in the very heart of the Danube Bend. In the area of Visegrád the earliest traces of a human presence lead us to the New Stone Age. Since the Bronze Age this area has been continuously populated. The first Latin language document mentioned the Visegrád fortress and its county in 1009. King Bela IV. built the current fortress system in the 1250s. Today Visegrád is famous for the remains of the Early Renaissance summer palace of King Matthias Corvinus and the medieval citadel that stands right at the top of the hill. Driving up along a steep and adventurous road, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire Danube bend. It is here that the Danube makes the biggest turn all along the river’s 2860 km length.

The spiritual centre of the country is Esztergom, one of Hungary’s oldest and historically most important towns. The cradle of the Hungarian state and former capital is the current seat of the Primate of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary. Saint Stephan, the first Hungarian king was born here in the end of the 10th Century, and crowned in the year 1000. The town also boasts the most monumental construction of Hungarian Classicism, the Basilica, which was built in the mid 19th century on the spot where the medieval cathedral once stood. Other attractions include the ruins of the medieval Royal Palace, now known as the Castle Museum as well as the millennium monument, which represents Saint Stephen’s coronation.

The region offers many natural beauties, fresh and clean air, the sight of the majestic river and other attractions, but above all, peace and tranquillity!



Our planet Earth is a living and breathing organism and as such she channels energy from specific locations on her body just like every other living creature. These centers are called Chakras. The chakra centers on Earth are connected by energy circuits called Ley lines. This planetary grid system has been known and mapped for thousand years. The ancient civilizations were well aware of the properties of these places on Earth’s surface. While these locations are known as the major energy vortexes of Earths energetic body, there are thousands of other places where the energy is strong, marked by spiritual constructions by ancient people.

Visiting these sites, especially to meditate and make certain ceremonies can result in strong connections with mother Earth, opening your own Chakra centers, and the ability to be a stronger conduit of universal energy. Discover and experience the Heart Chakra of Earth in the beautiful green natural surroundings of the Danube Bend, in one of the greatest wellness hotels of Hungary.

It is our mission to make our guests forget their cares so that at the end of their stay they may continue their everyday lives renewed, revitalised and at peace, in harmony with their body, soul and mind.




This new 4-star thermal and conference hotel is situated right in the picturesque surroundings of the Danube Bend, outside of the town, in green environment. The hotel awaits its guests with 164 rooms and 10 apartments, among them 69 rooms offer wonderful Danube panorama. A wide choice of unusual exotic spa and wellness treatments are ensured in its wellness centre to everybody who wishes to enjoy real wellness adventures.


The hotel awaits its guests with 164 rooms and 10 apartments, among them 69 rooms offer wonderful Danube panorama. Non-smoking and connecting rooms, as well as special rooms for physically challenged people are available.


The Duna and the Lepence Restaurant, with capacities up to 280 people, offer international and Hungarian specialties as well as dietetic menus. From the restaurant and the seasonally terrace there is a wonderful view to the Danube band. Café Türkiz, Topáz Drink Bar and Aquamarine Pool Bar provide full services to guests.


According to an old Hungarian saying, the spirit of wellness means „a sound mind in a sound body”. The harmony of the body and soul, their balance, self-confidence and positive good disposition are in the center. The hotel’s objective is to create this harmony for its guests. Thermal Hotel Visegrád offers a wide choice of unusual exotic spa and wellness treatments in its wellness center to everybody who wishes to enjoy real wellness adventures.



Hotel Silvanus is the most beautifully situated hotels in the Danube Bend with a calm, friendly surrounding, sitting atop the 352 metre (1,150 foot) high Fekete-hegy (Black Mountain), built next to King Mátyás’ Fellegvár (Citadel).


The 151 well-equipped rooms and suites with minibar, television and wireless internet access serve to provide a completely relaxing experience. The hotel’s luxury suites provide exceptional, exclusive service. There is a beautiful view of the forest, the Danube-bend or the Citadel from the rooms.


The restaurant has a gorgeous panorama to the Danube Bend, a seasonally changing menu selection, and a selection of specialities from the Hungarian and international cuisine. The pub has bowling alleys, darts, table football and pool billiard tables for your enjoyment.


Complete your perfect day by relaxing in the saunas, salt chamber, aroma cabin, or steam cabin of the wellness centre. The swimming pool, fun-bath and Jacuzzi, in addition to the beauty salon, pamper guests with relaxing and beautifying therapy sessions. Our everyday life is filled with very little exercise and tons of stress. Try the hotel squash court, and it’s guaranteed you will feel fitter. You do not need anything but white-soled tennis shoes and comfortable clothes. The equipment and even a partner will be provided by us upon request.


Re-thinking, re-energizing, re-finding the Inner Balance…

Our mission is to help you to find your inner balance, how to understand the World around us, the Universe and your existence, and want to teach and inspire you how to find your inner peace, your source of love and your power in the center of your heart.

Because the only reality is LOVE.

"Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives."

Louise L. Hay

We invite you to make this unique journey with cultural visit, excursion in the beautiful nature and an unforgettable journey into yourself with yoga curses, meditations, healings in groups. You will also have the opportunity to individual sessions with our healers, natural healers and spiritual teachers.

"What’s up, is equal to what is below,
and what is below is like that which is above,
able to perform the miracles of the One."

Hermes Trismegistus

During seven days we offer you a rich program inside and outside of yourself.

Seven days – seven chakras.

Every day yoga, meditation and teaching with our qualified healers and spiritual teachers of many years of experience.

After your spiritual journey you will feel the joy of yourself. Your spiritual, intellectual and emotional bodies as your physical body will be rejuvenated.

"Every person, every place and everything on this planet is interconnected with love."

Louise L. Hay

As we change ourselves, so will change the world around us.

Because we are many, but we are "ONE".

Last update: 27.03.2015.